Tuesday, September 18, 2012

People have been asking how they can support what I'm doing here...

So I've been getting a surprising number of people who've been asking how they can support my D&D games and/or The Surly Grognards... and I've always said I do this for fun, not for money. Also, I've always felt uncomfortable with the topic. But, having had enough people ask (and still being the process of looking for actual work), I decided to accept tips.

So, what I've done is up at the top of the blog page, I've included my paypal email. If you really want to, and can afford to, you can send money to my paypal account at that email address. If you do, please mark the money as a gift... because that is exactly what it is.

Also, I want to reiterate, if you do want to send me money, please be ABSOLUTELY sure that you can afford the money. Believe me, I can understand wanting to support someone who is providing you entertainment when you're low on cash. And, honestly, in that situation I'd really rather you just enjoy the content, and maybe click on a few ads here on the blog... or re-watch the videos a few times so that I get more ad revenue from blip.

If you do decide to gift me some cash, I'll try to think of some way to thank you on stream. I'll try and think of something that will work in with what I do on my stream.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who tunes into my stream and everyone who comes by here to watch the recordings of Grognards and the D&D games. You all make what I've been doing so much more fun and worth doing.

Thank you all... you guys rock!

That's it for now. Be happy, be safe and have fun!

Happy gaming,

-Peter Bowman, aka MechaGM

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  1. It's peeps like you who do entertaining things for absolutely free who most deserve those small tips! Peeps (even us financially scant student-types) pay so much more and get so much less from mainstream media providers, it's hardly a big sacrifice to fork over a few bucks to you fellers who actually care about your fans. Keep on GM'in, and regards from Finland!