Friday, September 28, 2012

Everything Must Come to an End Sometime...

Unfortunately, the end is happening for the Shadowland campaign. The next session will be the last one, at least for the foreseeable future.

 Technically, the game will be going on hiatus, but most campaigns do not come back from that.

 Why is this happening? For various reasons, which I won't go into here, Chris and Scott are leaving the game. It's all amicable and there is nothing personal behind it. But with 40% of the PCs leaving, it's just too big a hole to fill mid-stream. So, after talking to Gav, Nik and Liam about it, we're going to wrap up the Varsaath plot and wrap things up there.

 Please do not bother Chris and/or Scott about why they are leaving the game.

 Needless to say, I'm dissapointed that the game is ending now. All campaigns do end though, and most end before things wrap up satisfactorily. This is really no exception. I'm currently trying to come up with a way to send the campaign off in a fun and memorable way, but obviously I can't guarantee that.

 I'm sure many of the people who follow the game will have questions about what I had planned and where I thought things were going to go... I'm probably going to hold off on that for now. This is in the hopes that, in some form, we will resume the campaign in some form or another. (with as much of the original crew as possible) But, as I said earlier, I don't expect it to do so.

 What, if anything, will we be doing after this? I don't know. I'm talking to some of the crew about what they want to do, if anything, after this. But nothing is remotely decided yet. When I have solid information I will post it here.

 I want to thank everyone who watched us have fun playing Dungeons and Dragons every week. Especially everyone who made fan art, wrote fan fiction, updated the wiki and the TvTropes page.

 Special thanks go to Chris, Gav, Liam, Nik and Scott. There would have been no game without you guys and it was an honor and a blast to game with you all. I hope to do so again in some manner in the future. It's been a great ride, hopefully the final session will be a good one.

 Happy Gaming, -Peter Bowman, aka MechaGM


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  2. Well that's unfortunate, but I can't say we haven't seen this many times before. I hope you don't mean that there will be no future campaigns? I would definitely watch any campaign you guys decide to start up after this one.

  3. The Wyrmwick curse claims another campaign. Truly a shame, but regardless, thank you for the many hours of entertainment. Hopefully this doesn't discourage you from attempting any new campaigns in the future.

    I also want to thank the group as a whole for their excellent "mic manners". Very rarely did I hear the mashing of a chip bag or crunching/chewing sounds of food being eaten right next to the mic. And even when I did, it was very short lived. Those kinds of sounds are the bane of my existence. I sincerely appreciated it, I wish more streams and podcast would follow suit.

    1. More like the Deathlok curse, but it is sad to see it end as things are getting very good, hopefully it'll be one of the rare exceptions where the champing continues in some way shape or form in the future, but be proud that yours made it the longest out of all the LKM/CA based DnD games (25 eps to its end) Good luck and hope to see another great one from you soon, Shadowlands will be missed

  4. Meh, as opposed to Wyrmwick and Dethclok, I'd more guess at this one being more a mix of busy schedules + doing one other campaign simultaneously.

    Glad it went as long as it did, and glad everything is still amicable between everyone. I hope to eventually see another MechaGM campaign, you do a good job in making it entertaining for everyone.

  5. Man, I'm sad to see it go, but i will continue to hope for a second season... or atleast the misadventures of that lich dude that got introduced in session 24. I freaking love that character.


  6. Sad to see it go but I'm sure we're all looking forward to your next campaign. :)

  7. I feel so sad. I missed the session this past Sunday and was just watching it now to catch up, only to find the link to this on the Shadowlands page on the LK wiki.

    This was such a fun little campaign and was a nice little escape during my week, being unable to play or put together my own campaign to run. Thank you for the entertainment, good Sir Peter (and to the good sirs who played), and I'll try to enjoy the "season finale" session even more now.

    And of course, I look forward to hearing about future Mechammunity shenanigans. :)

    - Mr. Ryan