Monday, October 8, 2012

A couple of Giveaways on my Stream!

Hey guys,

thanks to my good friend, Dan, I am now in possession of a couple of batches of points codes for the MMOs "Lord of the Rings Online" and "Dungeons and Dragons Online." Each code can be redeemed in the respective in-game store for (if memory serves me correctly) 1,500 Turbine Points.

So, what I think I will be doing is giving them away to viewers on my stream.

What is going to happen is this: I will be playing both of these games on my stream during the week this week. While I am playing I will be giving away codes for that game. I'll think of some way to fairly hand them out. If you are interested, just tune in while I am playing the game you are interested in getting a code for. Or, if you can't make it while I am playing for some reason, you can email me with the subject "MMO Point Code Raffle" to my hotmail account.

One note: you may not win more than one code per game. (if I have enough interest, I may par it down to one code total)

I'll post on Twitter when I will be playing which game. (also, if you click the follow button on my page, you'll get an email notification when my stream goes live)

So come on by and have your chance to win a free code for either Lord of the Rings Online or Dungeons & Dragons Online!


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