Monday, January 6, 2014

The Surly Grognards Episode Sixty Seven, "The End of 2013"

This week, Eric and I talked about what we liked and didn't like from the past year in gaming, movies, television and other things.

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  1. Erik have you listened to the directors commentary for Pacific Rim? If you haven't you should, it makes the movie like 100% even better because he just goes into every single detail about the movie that you glanced over because giant monsters vs. giant robots. And it's got a lot of Del Toro totally fangasming over toho and mecha series, it's amazing. He references Mazinger Z that should be enough said. I saw the movie on opening day by the way, I did my part!

    What are you using to play Pacific Rim that you reference in the episode? RPG? Models? Paper dolls?

    Also, next episode needs to be RTS vs Turn Based. Please. I'll chance the world exploding. I'd love to hear that discussion.

    Happy new year!