Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sorry for the delays

Between the holidays and a bit of a creative block, I've not recorded an episode in a long while. (as is pretty clear from the lack of episodes posted)

I plan to work on getting a list of show topics together so that I have topics for a few weeks in a row so that I don't have a drought like this again.

So, hopefully new Surly Grognards episodes will be coming sometime in the next few weeks.


  1. Do you take suggestions? I can think of a few possible topics:

    • Miniatures in RPGs (vs. free-form)
    • GM'ing 101
    • Reviews of game systems

  2. I'll give you a few...

    D&D 5th edition...
    Virtual Desktops, and other computer aids
    Generic system vs System with singular strongly defined world
    ISO GM (that's not yourself)
    Sexism and Gaming